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Old 01-15-2006, 11:11 AM
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Default Use of Radius Gages to record panel Arrangement

Librarians Note: I am attempting something new and am not sure how this will come out. Sometimes a dialog, discussing an item, where one of the participants is clearly an expert, helps all who read it, understand the subject more clearly. The source thread for this discussion jumped out at me as a very important suject in the world of metalshaping. I want it to evolve like a classroom discussion, so lets see where it goes. The complete thread can be viewed here:


I pulled this picture off another metalshaping site,
can someone explain the determining factor as to how and where the tape is to be laid out on the car.

Wray Schelin

That tape pattern has been laid out to pick up contours to make profile gages. You can see the profile gages in the right foreground. The profile gages are in effect buck stations. You only need to space them so that they pick up the surface profile information.

The gages will help you arrange the part. The flexible shape patterns help you add the correct amount of area and in the right spot.

When you have a true surface to copy it makes the job a lot easier. The best situation is to have a true surface, a good wireform/bondo copy buck, and flexible shape patterns. If you have all of those elements making panels is a lot easier. When you have all three elements of the shape you have the complete picture. Most often that is not the case when making panels, usually you have a broken bent puzzle with missing pieces. Moving the metal is often times the easy part it. The hard part is having the information to work with.

If you are doing a one off job you just don't have the budget-both money and time- to build the information you need. So what happens is frustration.

That body is a collection of very easy shapes. The Cobra nose you are doing is many times more difficult to build than that Willys.


In regards to how the tape is laid out on the car, what is your approach to doing that? Space it as evenly as possible with the occasional piece when the contour changes?

Wray Schelin

It will vary according to the shape. You just have to make sure that you pick up all of the surface changes .

Spacing between stations can be 12", 8" or 6". If a lot of surface changes happen you need them even tighter to insure capturing the information.


Being no expert here, I can see that spacing would be like the lines on a topographical map. The more information to be gathered, the closer the lines are together. I think that is just what Wray was saying. The lines need to be close enough together as needed to adequitely record the "arrangement".
Wow, I hope that didn't sound as dumb as I think it did....

Ernie Ferrucci

Doesn't sound dumb at all, the topographical map is a good analogy. That made me think of another simple way of thinking of it: the latitude and longitude lines of a globe map, one set being the buck lines and the other being the profile gauge.

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