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03-27-2012, 03:03 PM
I needed to put a slight bend in a sch40 steel pipe and all I have is a Baileigh flat stock bender. It wasn't going to do anything except kink the pipe, so I machined up a die and a bending shoe for the bender. The die had sides to stop the pipe from elongating. I got some bending action, but the amount of force necessary made me nervous. I heated the outside of the pipe so it would stretch. It worked well enough for what I had to do. I hope this gives someone an idea that might get a project done.

Here are the pieces as they are used


Here they are in the bender


03-28-2012, 06:26 AM
Hi Jim.

I made a similar "on the need to" die from plywood, split a piece of larger tube longways as the back up die to keep it round. It was so ugly I lost it some wheres. But it worked fine.
There is a mathematical ratio by very bad memory it is No bends less than Radius bend < 3xDiameter * "something??"/ wall thickness.

Them type benders are very under used, the instructions that come with them are in Ching-lish normally. Finding a copy of the original Model 1 and copying the dies is a good ideal. They can bend flat stock the hard way, angle iron, conduit and small tube better than a high dollar tube bender.

I swapped Pat my chinese version of that bender and made something as big as a battleship I've only used twice.