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03-25-2004, 07:24 PM
hi everyone

Thanks for all the advice, I got a chance to go look at the lathe today. The asking price is $500 and the year it was made was 1997. The ways seem to be a little wore in one particular area. I think most of the work was done in a 14" area. Everything moves with ease and it does run. There is no tooling or chuck. The kind of chuck it takes is a D1-6. Also is there any way to dress the ways. I know it is tough to give great advice without seeing it in person but I was wondering if this price seemed in the right neighborhood. Thanks again for all the responses

Thanks, Chad (BattleCreek)

03-25-2004, 10:18 PM

I suggest you be careful in this situation. $500 is a very low price for a lathe of this size and age. Even in times like now when manufacturing is in slump a machine like this should hold it's value. Maybe there's something major wrong that you didn't notice.

Also the lack of tooling is curious. That tells me the previous owner might be keeping the tooling for his replacement lathe, he's not getting out of the lathe business, he's just replacing this one for some reason.

FWIW, that's my take on the situation. Of course, there's always the possibility I could be totally wrong and this is the deal of a life time.


Kerry Pinkerton
03-26-2004, 05:12 AM
Chad, I've owned 6 lathes in the past 3 years and 500 bucks is a VERY good price. Too good unless the guy is clueless as to what it will cost to replace it. 1997 manufacture is practically new and that lathe new should be several thousand at least, even for a hongkongfooee knock off.

The chuck mount D1-6 is very common and you won't have problems finding one on ebay, although a good chuck might cost more than you are paying for the lathe. You might ask the guy if he will sell the one that was on it. 3 and 4 jaw chucks will be handy.

I'd be tempted to go back and run the lathe through it's paces. EVERY GEAR, EVERY LEVER, EVERY FUNCTION. If something is broken such as the threading function, it might not be immediately obvious and account for the low price. I'd tend to agree with Doug, and suspect that something is wrong with the lathe. I've never used threading but would want it because as soon as it didn't work, I'd need it. Definitely want power feed x & y.

If the owner will warantee the machine for a few weeks or let you play with it where it is, you can assure yourself everything is ok. Almost ANY lathe is worth 500 bucks. ANY lathe!

04-22-2004, 10:22 PM
seems too cheap I would be carfull run it first if you can if you buy it I have some spare chuck mounts and maybe a good 4 jaw Rick