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10-10-2011, 07:50 PM
Are there not many meets in the texas area? I went to one in grandburry, then I missed one in grandburry, and haven't heard much else? is that the only place in the area?

I'd love to come to a BIG metal meet somewhere else, but funds don't support the hobby that much.

10-11-2011, 04:27 AM
Hey Good Morning (real name here),
You are just in time! It will be held on the 22nd of this month at the same place in Granbury. Hope you can make it.

Below is the standard information we put out for each meet:

There will be an informal Gathering of those that are interested in metal shaping in Granbury Texas on October 22nd. We will continue working on the past projects, some work/instruction on the e-wheel, your small project if you have one and just some good old armchair sharing of metal shaping information.

Our host will be at Jason Ferguson’s shop/Texas Bike Works. The address is 1208 Fall Creek Granbury Tex 76049. For a map showing this location see: http://texasbikeworks.com/googlemap.htm
For more information you may contact Gordon (Don) Bartlett at: stingshp@taylortel.net

Since the Gathering itself is free, we suggest contributing $20 each to offset Jason’s expenses for lunch, drinks, donuts/munchies, Ox/Act. gasses, electricity, etc.

Besides your “small project”, please remember to bring your safety gear for hearing, eyes and hands, etc.

Remember! This Gathering is for learning and having mucho fun!

10-11-2011, 05:20 AM
awesome! I'd better let the wife know, so she doesn't book my schedule smooth up!