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09-21-2011, 04:48 AM
Not to distract from the Eckold ad, I feel that to be one of the finest shaping machines ever built. I was amazed how quiet they run.

Manual throat adjustment while handling a panel does not make a controls geek like me happy.
I came up with this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMuON88aAOY

A couple hundred dollars in parts and a great machine is a legend. (plus, if you be short, you don have to stand on that box to reach the handle no mo) THE handle on that beadroller is on the roof too tho. Perhaps they grow big boys up dar? Plans and schematics are free to all who desire them here on MM.

Yeah I know.. I am a spoiled child when it comes to cranking handles.. I like easy buttons. I even bought a box for the 57 GMC that has a timer to "take the window" all the way down with a button push.

This consists of, a Superior synchronous motor (120 volt stepping motor) a capacitor, resistor. time delay relay, and a couple of foot pedals. KNob on time delay should be set to vary depth of movement.. I was calculating that putting a Large (12") gear-belt pulley on the handle and a small one on the motor. The motor's main advantage is that it is instantaneous start and stop, and if you stall it out? it overuns the windings and does not overheat.

Windings in the motor, two motor coils, one common neutral coil, the capacitor-resistor goes in between the two motor coils, it "phase shifts" the 120 ac wave form pulses to drive the "not connected coil behind the connected one" To drive the motor hook 120 via the two switches to either coil, one coil fwd, other rev.. I used the Normally open aux switches in the foot pedals to turn the time delay on and off. It is a micro-amp motor that has 200 inch pounds torque.. pretty robust and turns at 72rpm.

The development work has been done, it is up to you to put it on your favorite machine, pullmax, bead roller, etc.. A depth indicator can be made from a cheapie HF digital caliper.. It even has a computer serial port for you real Nutjobs who want a digital readout.

My scanner is down, if you need a engineering schematic I can provide one.. very simple that any house-wiring electrician should be able to make work for you.

09-21-2011, 03:02 PM
Hey David,

That is very cool, I might want to include one on my Eckold style machine build. Do you think you could make up a parts list with values/model #'s for the various components for the less electrically savy among us?


09-21-2011, 03:46 PM
I too, would be interested in a parts list if one is made available.

Thanks for posting the information

09-21-2011, 04:38 PM

My Kodak scanner printer took a dump on me, and I set it rather roughly onto the porch.

On page 4 of the pdf there.. is a simple schematic of the motor-capacitor relations. I explained how it works before, actually the resistor-capacitor series just delays the "wave" from the ac power so the second winding that is not "primary" hooked to the incoming ac power lags behind the primary.. making "two steps" on the magnets there..

TO run it with "just two foot switches".. you'd hook each foot switch to the "same 120" source and carry the NORMALLY open contact from the switch to the black, and the other to the RED.. that'd allow either foot pedal to move the motor. 120 neutral on the white.
This will be good enough for most.. allow you to pulse it up or down the longer you step, the more it runs.. SOME machines can "crash" if you tighten the throat too close tho.. homemade shrinking machines are like that.

TO MAKE IT RUN A TIMED MOVEMENT? put a Time delay relay Normally closed contact in series with the supply 120 to the switches. AND BOTH foot pedals auxillary switch feeding the coil on the time delay, tie the neutral to the other side of the time delay coil..

THIS DOES NOT INTERLOCK the two switches.. if you want to get "fancy" you can put in relays and make sure both switches interlock, whereas one is made the other does not have power.. this complicates things a tad.. If you step on both switches at once, you could overheat the motor..

(if you hit the gas instead of the brake, you can wreck your car too).

I'm puny today, doctor just prescribed a half dozen things to clear up a ear infection. I have to figure a way to get my pencil-engineering posted here..

09-21-2011, 04:44 PM
AND>>>>>> I have seen pretty nice milling machine table feeds made from "windshield wiper" motors and gearboxes.. Do a search on Home shop machinist forum.

Those are 12 volt.. common as dirt. AND FROM AUTOZONE auto parts guaranteed for life.
That might be easier to find than the superior motor. Thou I did have four or five dozen of them here from a Lee blue Jeans factory I demo'ed. Fabric feed motors..