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02-15-2011, 05:54 PM
In 2011 there are two events that have a potential for metalshapers;

First, Mansfield is having an aviation day at Mansfield Lahm airport. I have been asked to put on metalshaping demos that day (June 2nd). It is a one day event. Last year they had a classic car show as well.

Second, the Mid-Eastern Regional Fly-In (MERFI) will be held at the airport in Urbana Ohio. This will be a two day event and I will be doing demos both days. They are restoring a B-17 WWII bomber and there will be a great opportunity to get some hands on. I have been working on the rear gunner ball turret, over the past few years. It is a real thrill to be a part of bringing back one of these pieces of history. MERFI is the weekend after Labor Day, September 10 and 11.

Any interest in making these events a metalshaping event? I know they are aviation related and most metalshapers seem to have an interest in cars, but shaping is shaping. I am sure we would be welcome at either or both.

So, what say you Buckeyes? Interested?

Info on the bomber here: http://www.champaignaviationmuseum.org/

02-16-2011, 11:54 AM
Not sure what my schedule is, but I would love to attend one or both.

Not a plane guy, but wouldn't mind learning more than the 3 things I know now:D

Alum Metal Fab
02-16-2011, 12:44 PM
I would also like to attend these events but would have to see what my schedule looks like. What type of demos will you be doing?

larry mullen
02-16-2011, 02:01 PM
Interested in both , keep me posted .

02-16-2011, 02:29 PM
Right now I don't even know if I will have an e-wheel for Mansfield.

The MERFI event is very promising. They have a wheel at the museum and plenty of aluminum. I bring my stumps and show people how to do the shrinking and stretching on them. Frank Drain is the head of the local aviation school and is a great guy to work with. He posted some work he did on a bomber seat a while back. They have most of the other metal working tools, brakes etc. So we will have those available to us.

Peter Miles
02-16-2011, 09:37 PM
I am probably going to start a software project in Columbus in early March that will run for at least six months. If so, I would be delighted to attend both of these events.

Alum Metal Fab
02-17-2011, 01:29 PM
Great keep us posted. Is there a place to purchase tickets or are the events free?

02-17-2011, 05:19 PM
While your in Columbus your more than welcome to stop by & say hi!!

02-22-2011, 11:07 AM
I'm going to do my best to attend both of them

03-05-2011, 09:14 AM
I love the restaurant at Urbana airport, is it still in business? I've heard of the B17 project there and have been intrigued. I got about 5 minutes in left seat of Aluminum Overcast B17 in '95. Wow, what machines they are. I'll try to make the event.

03-05-2011, 03:35 PM
Thanks for the response guys! I will forward details as soon as they are available.
The restaurant is still there at the Urbana airport and the parking lot is usually full.

03-10-2011, 10:25 AM
i'm almost forsure going 4 kids 2 jobs and a wife may interuped (and if gas gets over $4.50) lol @ days probably not but ill sneak away for one

03-13-2011, 04:50 PM
Just had another meeting today.

There will be a classic car show again this year. The gentleman organizing the car show was very pleased to hear that we will be doing some metalshaping. Last year was the first year for the event and they had 107 registered cars. They expect more this year. So, we may have quit a few interested observers.

They asked if we will be needing electricity. I do not have any electric machinery. Unless I hear different from you guys, I will leave it at that.

There is now a web site for the Mansfield Airport day. Surprisingly enough, it is:

http://www.mansfieldairportday.com/ :)

03-13-2011, 04:59 PM
I forgot to mention, I have been asking around to see if anybody has a project they would like us to work on that day. One guy says he needs some wheel pants. So we may have a real project to work on that day, if you do not have one to bring with you.

Josh, I realized I forgot to answer you question.

The Mansfield event is free admission.

The Merfi event does charge at the door but I have been assured that we can get volunteer passes for metalshapers. They have non-electric camping next to the airport for just $10.00.

06-25-2011, 07:25 PM
Airport day is next Saturday. Hope to see some of you there!

09-04-2011, 11:10 AM
ANYONE wanting to help Jacob at MERFI - let me know asap or call 947-471-0845. I will arrange a pass for you.

Thanks - Frank Drain, MERFI Committee

Peter Miles
09-04-2011, 08:35 PM
I plan on being there on Saturday at least.

09-05-2011, 05:53 AM
Here is a project Frank sent to me.

It is a teardrop bubble to cover the Fuel Boost Pump.


He has one, he need three more.

09-07-2014, 09:19 PM
Went to the Mid-Eastern Regional Fly-In (MERFI) in Urbana Ohio again this year. Got to put some more work in on the B-17.
Previously, I made the rear gunners turret:

This year, I put in some time on the wingtip for the horizontal stabilizer:


It is a real honor to be working on such a piece of history! If any of you have time I would really encourage you to devote some of your time to help the cause!


Here is the web site:

Here is a link to some video of the wonderful friendly people helping to put this plane back in the air:


FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/B-17-Champaign-Lady/247176712036792

They have many skilled and unskilled people working on the project. People with metalshaping skill are needed for transition pieces and blisters, etc. It is fun and rewarding work I have really enjoyed my time there.

I am sure they would be glad to host a group of us to come in some time, maybe for a weekend, in the fall/winter months, to work on the parts that require metalshaping skills.

I will be available after October (when Soccer season is over).

Anyone interested?

09-08-2014, 01:19 PM
Hi Jacob, Good to see you back. Thot would be a interesting meet for sure.