View Full Version : Tree 2uvr or Gordon Mastermil I-22?

04-29-2010, 11:34 AM

I am looking to buy one of the following two mills. They are both in good working condition with DROs. The Mastermil is a larger / heavier machine and would be more of a pain to move. Does anyone have a recommendation on which one would be better to get. I can get either one at a very low price so cost is not a factor.


04-29-2010, 01:38 PM
Check on collet size and availability. Some of these mills use really odd ball collets which can be expensive and hard to find.

The Gorton may have built in power feed, that's a major, major plus for it (if it does).

As I recall the Tree is only a slight upgrade from a Bridgeport in size and capability.

My vote would be for the Gorton (provided there isn't a collet problem).


04-29-2010, 04:53 PM
I have that Tree, and my friend had that Gorton. The Tree is a substantial upgrade from a
bridgeport. The collets are available new for the tree, but they aren't cheap. They come up
on ebay all the time. The machine should come with some. If I recall correctly the gorton
may not have as many swivel adjustments on the head.

Doug Walker

Peter Miles
04-29-2010, 05:47 PM
You can get a lot more input on a subject like this on PracticalMachinist.com.

04-29-2010, 09:42 PM
I have had a Tree journeyman 200 for 8 years, I converted it to PC base with servo motors I run it either manual or Cnc depending on what I need to do Great mill for my need's. I also agree with Peter you will get a lot better info on a machine shop type form then here we are more sheet metal orientated.

04-30-2010, 08:18 AM
Thanks for the imput; I will take the advise and post on practicalmachinist.com site.


03-04-2011, 07:53 PM
I have a Gorton and I have had it about twenty five years now I have been able to get any tooling i wanted including a drill arbor for it someplace Yes it cost more but it has been worth every penny. My Bridgeport friend who have used it all complain about the controls being in the wrong place but it makes cuts the Bridgeport's flat out won't do.:cool: