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05-18-2006, 01:30 PM
Good time of dayHallo, im really fan of Alfa Romeo. And now asking for your advice...If anybody knows any bad sides of this car, please write here.:) (http://ibuprofen-dose.bravor.net) :) (http://purchase-levitra.bravor.net) :) (http://addiction-didrex.bravor.net) :) (http://reductil-sibutramin-meridia-xenical-orlistat.bravor.net) :) (http://didrex-adipex.bravor.net) :) (http://wellbutrin-medication.bravor.net) :) (http://natural-alternative-to-vaniqa.bravor.net) :) (http://40-mg-renova.bravor.net)Bye all, thank you for your interest!

05-18-2006, 05:12 PM
Yah The little boat tail speedsters rocker panels and a bear to fix alot of rust you can tell i did one once

05-19-2006, 12:59 AM
Hi 0007,

If you are interested in Alfa Romeo you should visit AlfaBB (http://www.alfabb.com/bb/forums/index.php)

I have a GTV 2000 that I am trying to fix up. They do have some regular rust issues, and the mechanical fuel injection is a bit of a pain, but they are really great cars. Can't wait until mine is finished!

Good luck,

05-19-2006, 02:16 AM
Hi there Alfa Romeo 0007
As said look at AlfaBB.com loads of help and info there. A quote I saw on AlfaBB sums it up "the British invented rust but the Italians perfected it!"
I'm rebuiding an Alfa 2600 which is a bit of a rarity and seen as a bit of an oddball Alfa, but there is going to be much metal shaping and skills learning, and most importantly acquiring/making tools :lol: :lol: before it is rebuilt.

Let us know what you get into and how it progresses


07-29-2006, 07:42 PM
If anybody knows any bad sides of this car, please write here.:) (http://ibuprofen-dose.bravor.net/) :) (http://purchase-levitra.bravor.net/) :) (http://addiction-didrex.bravor.net/) :) (http://reductil-sibutramin-meridia-xenical-orlistat.bravor.net/) :) (http://didrex-adipex.bravor.net/) :) (http://wellbutrin-medication.bravor.net/) :) (http://natural-alternative-to-vaniqa.bravor.net/) :) (http://40-mg-renova.bravor.net/)Bye all, thank you for your interest!

It's Italian? Isn't that enough?

Factory trained Alfa mechanic sence 1973. ;)

07-30-2006, 05:23 AM
The basic engine blocks I think are pretty good.......and it's always great to be able to say "I have an Italian sports car" at parties...........then there's the best day of your life to look forward to, that's the one where you see someone else take it out of your yard..........ah oh yeah they came in some pretty cool colors.
Things to look out for when buying one.
Pretty much without exception the entire electrical part of the car is totally junk.
If you get everyone to be real quiet when your looking over the car you will be able to hear it rusting. ( no signs of rust means that it has been completely encased in Bondo....very recently)
Pretty much everything bolted on or welded in place is crap and plan on replacing it with the available replacement parts that are of lower quality than the originals.
If the guy your purchasing the car from says it has been a really reliable car...he's a liar
If he actually wants money for the car...he's a thief
If he claims he's selling it because he now has a family and its just to small and it breaks his heart to let it go....he's full of crap.

If your expectations are realistic and you realize that this steaming piece of crap is likely to hand around your neck like a really bad ex wife and cost you all your hard earned money just to keep it going, and that it could be the end to whatever relationship you might have or hope one day to have, and you say to yourself I know it's going to cost at least ten times the originally planned money to "restore it" and then I'm still stuck with a car thats a steaming pile of poo and you understand that you will likely have to make a deal with the devil at some time in order to rid your self of this steaming pile. And you understand that this hunk of crap is likely going to take up really valuable garage space for as long as your alive and that you will curse every day you own said steaming pile of poo. Well then enjoy your new Alfa and all the excitement it has to offer.
I know this might sound a little harsh, but in actuality I have held back most of my negative comments in the hope that I won't hurt your feelings

I hope this helps in a very positive way....because I'm all about giving and helping others.
The Captain

07-30-2006, 12:15 PM
Kirk, were you abused by an Alfa Romeo as a child?, did one leave you for another man/woman ?
Talking like that about Italian cars...I might have to get Uncle Nuncio down from Jersey
David J. (long Sicilian last name)

07-30-2006, 06:38 PM
Kirk, were you abused by an Alfa Romeo as a child?, did one leave you for another man/woman ?
Talking like that about Italian cars...I might have to get Uncle Nuncio down from Jersey
David J. (long Sicilian last name)

I have a deep love for most things Italian myself being half Italian and having been raised in New York (Sicilian on the Grandmothers side Naples on the Grandfather) I also lived in Sicily for half a year back in 1976. I currently have three Moto Guzzi's and one Aprilia. I have had Fiats and worked on a few Alfa's and other things Italian. I'm sorry to say that the Alfa's had more than their share of "issues" concerning reliability, rust, electrical etc. etc. etc.
I would love to say that with the right tender loving care and proper attention to a strict maintenance schedule they can be made to be reliable. Sadly that just wasn't the case, things just broke off in your hand when in normal use, many parts just stopped working or broke off for no readily apparent reason and all attempts to "repair the vehicles" met with at best limited results.
My advise on Alfa's I think is correct, ownership of one is like falling in love and marrying a very beautifully woman that has a really bad personality......you will regret it in the end.
I wish it wasn't true because I love the look of the cars and I certainly love to look at a very beautifull woman but alas the potential for great problems with either is to great for me to recommend either one.
Shame though life is sometimes cruel in that way.
The Captain

07-30-2006, 07:50 PM
Capt., Just messing with you, I agree entirely.
You have to Love the Alfa's to put up with them. The beautiful women with a bad personality analogy is putting it in perfect perspective." Fix It Again Tony" (FIAT), also has truth in it , having been a former Spider owner..
Speaking of Italian cars , having played with some per-90's Ferrari's; I was amazed with the inner bodies or what lay below the nice red paint. Doors, hoods, etc. They have the quality of a harbor freight lawn mower. Great engines and suspension, but not designed for maintenance and longevity. Again, fun to drive, beautiful, but best put back in in the garage after trailering to the track. The door mechanisms, I swear were from war surplus Russian tanks, and I don't mean the ones we sent them. I think the Brits shared their knowledge of automotive electrical systems (Lucas, the prince of darkness) with the Italians in revenge for Mussolini's tirade.

I got hooked on the German cars when I saw my first 911 from my stroller, downhill since then. They have their quirks, but they have their engineering together. Dr. Porsche wanted his cars to be driven to the track, rode hard and still be a dependable daily driver.
I'll quit rambling, I hate long rambling posts....
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07-31-2006, 05:17 AM
I knew you were messing with me no offense taken.
Perhaps it is the fallacy of youth to become enamored with all things beautiful. Most people don't look below the skin of things before they buy, and even when they know or suspect they should be running away it is the lure of the finely sculpted curves that keeps them coming back.
Today there are the "custom" motorcycles mostly choppers that promise to make you look like "Bad Billy Biker" for a princely sum, reality is that they have many many quality issues and design problems and a much better bike could be had for one third the price. I guess what I was trying to say to all is to beware the beautiful wrapper as it might signal more of a hollow shell than you can imagine.
I love the products that are beautiful on the outside and well engineered on the inside. Todays cars for the most part are a marvel of engineering and design most easily capable of well over 200,000 miles with minimal care, and the current styling trend to go back to the best that history has to offer with modern running gear I think might produce some of the finest automobiles in history.
The Germans have built some wonderful cars I'm hoping they will return to some of the more sculpted designs of their past for inspiration.
Having said all that as good advise I'm very glad for the radical designs of the past from the Italians, Germans, French and British they are like looking at beautiful movie stars of the past and we are all the richer for them having existed.

08-22-2006, 11:02 PM
I've worked on a few Alfa's in my time. My experiences have been electrical nightmares.