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11-20-2005, 12:05 PM
The Time has come for this project to get cracking.

It is my intention to make the new chassis for the Gertler Lea Francis very much like the C-Jag it appears to be in outer form. The only real difference is structure will be in the door area as the Gertler car has considerably lower doors.

I intend to give the structure strength by making the driveshaft/tranny tunnel area structural more like a lotus 11 chassis as the C-type uses the outer area under the very short (or no, depending on car and side) door area.

I have a couple of scale drawing showing the overview of the frame with component locations. since the axles are shown I can scale the drawing as I know the wheel base (96") and it is the same as the gertler built car.

I'm wondering if anyone has a better print for me to work from? Mine is from an old copy of Jaguar Quarterly (now monthly) from the late 80's

The original chassis has been missing since prior to 1970 when the body was removed. At that point the car was known as the 'Rumplestilskin' and was a C/A class dragster in the norther NJ, NY. Long Island area. Most likely a Hemi or Caddy engine with dual side pipes.

I'm braking a Jaguar MK2 (actually a Daimler 250 version) for some components but will be looking to the Lea Francis OC for Mark specific stuff. So if anyone is looking for a 2.5l Hemi with auto trans for a project let me know, I'll most likely ebay the other bits and the engine. The car is quite bad from sitting but the chrome and some other stuff is certainly usable. Let me know if anyone needs anything, i hate to scrap doors and such


11-20-2005, 01:57 PM
this is a basic overview of the chassis and layout


12-27-2005, 10:56 AM

There are several good books on Jag race cars and at least one that is all C type (cant remember the name) it has many photos of the C type chassis. Also I think the Costin and Phillips? "Design of the Racing Sports Car" book has 3/4 view illustrations of the chassis. Try the Amazon used (or new) book search. The big C Type book is fantastic (and pricey).

Cheers, paul

12-31-2005, 11:15 AM
Forget what I said above, apon a quick review of my library, I realized I have made a couple of mistakes responding to your C type thread.

Costin and Phipps book does not have pictures of C type chassis though it does have drawings of suspension.

C type book that I referred to is actually called Jaguar Sports Racing Cars by Phillip Porter and covers C, D and XKE types. There are several pages of C type chassis photos. I can scan and e-mail to you if you need them. I cant seem to post because file sizes are too large and I do not have software to reduce image bit size.

I have several other books including the Classic Profile booklet that may have usefull info on C types that are buried in my library. I can dig through and find them if this may be of help.

I do not believe I have any info on the Gertler version of the Lea Francis however if I dig further, who knows?

Let me know if I can help, Paul