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10-24-2005, 09:21 AM
Hey guys
You guys have been helping out alot, I just have another question for you all. I am working on my 1969 Mach 1 Mustang, and was going to make a custom IFS, I was thinking on using some factory 1969 drum spindles, with the drum hubs(these came for my parts car coupe). Can I use these spindles, but on the reverse sides, move the drivers side to the passengers, and the passengers side to the drivers so that the steering would be on the front, rather than the rear, I have a power rack and pinion for a 86 SVO mustang(close ratio), and plan on using this with 69 tie rod ends, and custom made threaded tie rod adjusters. I figure that this is possible, but didn't know if they are reverse threaded or side specific, or not interchangeable, or something like that. If anybody has any ideas let me know. Thanks Andrew

anders nørgaard
10-24-2005, 10:27 AM
Hey Andrew,

Don't shift the spindles from left to right and vise versa. Your Ackerman trapez will be "spoiled" and you'll have a car that handles "strange" on cornering and it will be eating tires as fast as you can put new ones on!!!!
READ this article and you'll know why I answer this way!

www.rqriley.com/suspensn.htm (http://www.rqriley.com/suspensn.htm)

This guy knows something... ALOT about suspension and steering!
Why would you want to go by the '69 drum spindles? The '70 has disc brakes and they fit!! (had a '70 302 BOSS myself once... nice car)

I didn't know the made Mach Is before '71???

If you go with tha rack and pinion, be sure that the tie rod ends are the correct length or... you'll get into more trouble!!

Left or right thread doesn't matter. It's a matter of figuring out which way to turn in order to make the rod longer or shorter.
Hope this explained a few of your questions.

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10-24-2005, 11:13 AM
Thanks I hadn't thought about spindle pitch being different.
The reason for using the drum spindles is because they come from the factory with a separate hub, were as the factory disc are a single hub and rotor assembly.(already have both front drums/ front disc's) I have 88-96 13" rotors from corvettes(directionally vented), and would make custom brackets to fit the 96-04 cobra calipers. By using the drum spindles I would only have to change the bolt pattern, and maybe make a hub-centric ring for proper rotor placement.
The first year for the mach 1 was 1969. Mine is a "Q" code which means that it was a 428SCJ with the drag pack 9" rear end, "R" codes have the "shacker" like most of the boss's did. Mine also came with the power disc brakes as an option, but I want more stopping power. I bought the car basically as a rolling chassis, so I hope there isn't anyone out there that I am offending for cutting up a restorable automobile.
Thanks again Andrew

10-24-2005, 11:22 AM
Anders is right, it's better with the rack behind the spindles. with a true ackerman setup, the intersecting points with the rear axle is harder to achive with a front mounted rack, as the tyre width could interfere with the outboard tie rod location. Here is a link to a website that explains it quite nicely (even if it is only for RC cars):
Good Luck With your project and send in lots of photos!



10-24-2005, 01:22 PM
Just a few more questions.

1) Most of the kits I have seen offered are the mustang two, and corvette setups, so if I understand this correctly, ackerman angle is affected from the spindle steering arm. Which can be longer or shorter depending on the distance from the center of the rear axle. So are these aftermarket kits factoring these angles in or can you just change the toe in/out to make minor adjustments?

2) What do I do to make my rack and pinion work, as it is made for "front steer", and if mounted after the wheels, it will steer backwards?

3) Could I use corvette spindles from a c4 1986-92(which match my rotors) and get the steering setup I want(if question 1 is possible). I am going to be using coil-over’s, and the factory 1" sway bar. I will make custom mounts for control arms, and a custom cross-member for the steering rack.

I know there is alot of math for suspension correct geometry involved so please bare with me.

Thanks again Andrew

10-24-2005, 02:16 PM
I don't know about the front end kits, but a true ackerman angle is dependent on the wheelbase, or the intersecting point on the rear suspension. I dont really know how critical the affect would be on your handling, but it looks like you're trying to make your car really handle well.

Is it possible to use the entire C4 front end? I think it is a generally well regarded setup.

Hope this helps.

10-26-2005, 04:11 PM
I belive some one is currently making the brackets to mount the cobra calapers to the early spindles used with the cobra rotors.
I think the brackets are about $200 and you get the rest