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12-09-2004, 05:57 PM
Does anyone have an Idea what this lathe might be worth? I have'nt had a chance to look at it in person and i know a lot depends on condition, but I just wanted a range. Any help would be appreciated. It's a Rockwell model 25-117 11 inch. Can't get picture to upload check it out in the gallery


12-09-2004, 07:25 PM

Kerry Pinkerton
12-09-2004, 07:29 PM
Harold, it's hard to day. I looks like an older model South Bend belt drive. I'm guessing 50s-60's. If its' single phase, 1hp or more with tooling, 3 and 4 jaw, is close to you, and everything works I'd say $600-1000 If you have to pay shipping it could be expensive. The chip tray and built in table with drawers is nice.

If you need a chuck, make sure you know what the mount is. That can be a problem.

I have had 5 lathes in the past 2 years. My first 'big' lathe is a Carrol-Jamison variable speed that was on ebay and only 25 miles away. It's not a well know name but a good lathe. It had a 4 jaw and a 3 jaw. Problem is that the 3 jaw did not fit the A1 mount. It cost me a few bucks and a couple weeks to track one down. The seller paid for it but it was still a hassle.

A few months later I saw another Carrol-Jamison on ebay. It was a much more heavy duty 3ph, 2hp, a nice heavy lathe with a hand operated cone clutch to engage the motor. 4 Jaw only. I got it for $250!!!!!! and picked it up in Baltimore on the way home from Spring Carlisle. No problem finding a 3 jaw I thought. WRONG! The mount is 2 3/8" 8tpi which has been unobtainable. I'm faced with having an adapter made :cry: :cry:

Moral of the story is that if you don't know the lathe or can go see it, you are gambling. If it's cheap you may have a good bet, if it's high given it's not a 'brand' and parts may be difficult, you may be taking a long shot.

Good luck and keep us informed.

12-09-2004, 09:32 PM
I saw a lathe like that in Holdenville Oklahoma last summer and they wanted 500.00 or best offer. Actually the guy said to offer him 300... had the same cabinet........john

12-09-2004, 09:46 PM
Hi Harold, I'm no lathe expert, but if I'd venture a guess I'd say it was a military contract Lathe - based on the cabinet and base - reminds me of some other military (navy) lathes I've seen. Other than that I believe that is the newer of Rockwell's vari speed lathes - The 1/2 turn handle on the cabinet is a give away there. I believe those were offered with two chuck mounts - threaded and tapered - if tapered (most comon and more desireable) it'll likely be a L-00 - not as common as they once were but finding chucks, back plates etc with L-00 is no problem on ebay - also L-00 chucks are still made new. It'll take 5c collets (very desireable) agian check ebay - the dealers usually get WAY too much for Rockwell parts. The steady rest might be a challenge - ebay will no doubt have one eventually, but if it's cheap you'll have to outbid me!!!!

For it's size it has MASSIVE head stock bearings - you gotta like that. Check the gear train and ESPECIALLY the bull gear - abuse often chips a tooth on those!
The gear change feature (big handle on front) is REALLY nice!!!!
One down side is alot of those have a 1 hp motor - slightly underkill - especially with a crappy phase converter! (hint hint)

AS for price - what tooling goes with it - anything in those drawers??? Collet draw bar - closer? face plates?? 4 jaw?? Drill chuck??? etc.

Seeing how the ways appear rusty I would say a previous owner didn't think any too fond of it. Tells me anything over a 1000 bucks is TOO MUCH. I'd call it a 500 dollar machine unless I could prove otherwise (in person inspection) and EVERTHING was really good.

If the ways were nice and it proved itself by taking good cuts on a test bar it could be a 2000 dollar machine assuming everything else was in equally good shape - but that's pretty optimistic by looking at the photo. Of course all depending on where you are located my figures could be way off as well!!!

I guess I should have asked in the first place - are you considering buying it or selling it????? :oops:

Jacin in Ohio

12-09-2004, 10:49 PM
I have a similar Rockwell lathe and I love it!!

I paid about $1200 for mine about three years ago and it was local (within 2 hours) so I picked it up.... no shipping charge. Mine came with a 3 jaw Buck chuck, 4 jaw chuck, 4 face plates, 2 steady rests, rocker tool post, dead and live centers, tailstock chuck and a 5C drawbar as well as a few collets and tool bits. It was located in a high school shop, but not in use. When they decided it was no longer needed, they just pushed it up against a wall and framed a wall around it.... just retired it in place for about 20 years!!!!! When I saw it, I couldn't pass it up and it has worked great ever since.

I do have a question... does anyone know where I can get a nose adapter and spindle protector for 5C collets. I have the threaded nose (2 1/4"-8 external thread, ?? internal taper) not L-00 tapered spindle. I have a ton of collets and I would LOVE to be able to use them!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


12-10-2004, 01:42 AM

For 5C collets and parts, have you checked out New England Brass & Tool? http://www.brassandtool.com. They have all kinds of stuff - maybe even what you're looking for :?:

Tim D.

12-10-2004, 07:11 AM
It's hard to estimate value on lathes. Prices are very area dependent.

This particular model is one of the better ones of the small lathes. As Jacin said, it appears to be one built under a government contract, the special cabinet with all the drawers is a clue.

It'd be nice to know what's in those drawers. The chuck appears to be an adjust-tru style like a Buck. If it is a Buck, the chuck alone retails for almost $1000.

Looks like an "L" series spindle, good, but adaptors can be expensive.

Provided there aren't any major problems, you'd probably be all right if you had to pay as much as $1500. Maybe even more if lathes are scarce in your area.


12-10-2004, 08:54 PM
Tim D.

Thanks for the link.... I don't know if they have the collet adapter, but they have a bunch of great stuff. I'll definitely bookmark it for future reference!!!!


12-11-2004, 02:04 PM
Thanks guys for all your replies. Jacin I'm looking to buy. The lathe is much larger than I need or even have space for, but its my understanding that a lot of tooling comes with it. Is this something that could be hauled on a regular car type trailer . I have a car trailer.

12-11-2004, 05:50 PM
Hi Harold,
I too have a Rockwell 11 x 37 Lathe - similar to this but without the full cabinet. I moved it easily in the back of my F150 and unloaded it VERY carefully with a standard Cherry Picker. IMHO a car trailer will make EASY work of this. Just be careful how you lift it - it can be easy to damage a leadscrew if you're not paying attention.
I will also venture a guess that after using it for awhile you won't think it's any too big. Personally I wouldn't want one ANY smaller, but do find it does about 99% of what I typically need it to do.

I see the one in the pic appears to be MISSING the headstock cover. You're REALLY gonna want that eventually, but it will make it easier to inspect the gears :lol:

Might I ask what they are asking for it??? Is it a dealer or shop or individual or ???? Might make a difference as far as what one might spend (for example a typical dealer gives you 30 days return privilege - no questions asked - that's worth soemthing right there!)

Good Luck!!!!!

Jacin in Ohio

12-12-2004, 10:59 AM
Its going to be auctioned. U bid U own.