View Full Version : Airplane kits requested For MetalMeet 2004

10-24-2004, 07:02 PM
I have been given 3 requests for airplane kits and went ahead and laser cut 21 kits.1 ea of 6061 and 20 ea of 3003 Aluminum. I will bring these up Monday and sell them on a first come first serve basis. As you know these were sold last year for 150 dollars. Even though the price of metal has sky rocketed, I will hold the price to the same 150 dollars. I could only come up with 17 wheel kits in time for the big event and will have them available for 20 dollars.
If you want one and are not cominguntil later in the week, please let me know off-line.
Geoking@bellsouth.net or call me 256 694 5921
Hopefully Wray is in a truck somewhere and will not nuke this message. LOL

Best Regards,