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06-21-2004, 05:01 PM
I am looking at a southbend lathe, 13 x 32
it has a three phase motor underneath with just a double pulley on it, mounted with a 4 bolt configuration. the motor is a 1 hp, 3 phase.

i do not have 3 phase available however the motor looks pretty standard

what size single phase motor will replace this 1 hp, 3 phase

also wondering about your opinion of pricing

Capacity: 13" swing, by about 32" centers.
2- Face plates
3-jaw chuck w/backplate (also have a new 8" take off chuck)
Taper attachment
Collets with chuck and draw tube (set of collets 1/8" to 1")
has changeable speeds using levers instead of having to change the gears.

they are asking $2000.00

I am new to this lathe business but am going to do some learning.

my uses will be general shop use and for repairing and rebuilding of automotive parts etc.

reasonable condtion, was used in a school

06-21-2004, 06:56 PM
Price varies greatly on LOCATION as well as CONDITION.

Personally I'd keep the 3 phase and obtain (build or buy) a phase converter - (rotary, static or VFD).

Price sounds fair to me, but not a "steal" - possibly a good deal considering all of the acessories included. This assumes that the ways are in good shape.

Is this a thead on chuck??? Those are somewhat undesireable to some - they tend to unscrew themselves under certain conditions!

I'd prefer a "L" (taper with a key) or "D" (camlock) series chuck with the later being more modern.

The collet and taper attachments are way cool! How many collets???

Carefully inspect the BACK GEAR for broken or missing teeth.
Inspect the ways for wear (look for signs of origional flaking) this can be also noticed as a "ridge" where the carriage stops its travel - you gotta be careful on this as there are lots of unscruplous types that will "massage" this ridge to mask the wear- a better method is to lift the carriage up - up/down slop indicates wear.

Of course cutting a test bar and measuring it and comnparign the results is also a good indicator - assuming the chuck bearings are decent and the tailstock is on center.

For 2k - I'd sure want a roller bearing headstock and not plain bearings.

ANother consideration is what is the speed range - roller bearing units typically will get up into the 1500 or 2000 range - nice if you want to use carbide ocasionally - that's a problem with some of the older machiens - they just don't run fast enough for anythign other than HSS tools - which is ok, for some - but I personally like to use carbide ocassionally.

Well that's alot of yakking by me - not all that well organized but I hadn't planned on going on this LONG!!!

Good Luck

Jacin in Ohio

Richard K
06-21-2004, 07:59 PM
A 13" South Bend is fairly commom stock in wisconsin , Minnesota and Chicago area. Everything Jacin says is true. However I would say the price is about double what those type lathes are worth in this area.

unless you are in a hurry!

Get to some of the online auction companies in the midwest. and keep your eyes and ears opem. A much better late model lathe can be found fo less money.

Want tyhe best in 13" INHO look for a colchester lathe by Clausing. Should find one for 1300-2000. these are the high speed good machines Jacin speaks of.

07-01-2004, 07:26 AM
With the recommendation of Richard K. I did a buy it now on ebay for a Clausing model 5938 lathe. it has a broken compound according to the seller. I talked to him on the phone and a machinist friend of his suggested checking the availability of a used one before buying a new part.

so now I am asking if any of you would know where to find such a part. I will have some part numbers etc in a few hours.