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Neal Nicholson
05-18-2004, 06:42 AM

Which place will give the upgrade price for Turbocad (academic or turbocad.com) and I assume that is for the deluxe version and not the pro?

I have checked ebay and found version 9 which I would think is ok but it is bundled with home designer or something like that. Does anyone know if this is still the full version of Turbocad or is it some lesser version thats missing some features?

Thanks for any help.


Richard K
05-18-2004, 04:30 PM
I called the sales department at TURBOCAD 1-800-833-8082. Spoke to a man named Bay at ext 4285. He said he will give an upgrade price to some one using ANY cad program, just tell him a program name such as Designcad (on older program) and the price is $249 for the Turbocad Ver 10 Professional. no need to have a disc or any proof of the old program just a name.

To upgrade from any older version of turbocad is $149. I dont think you need any ownership proof there either. If you think you have an old version 6 laying around that you purchased but never learned to use and was thrown out when you bought that new Pentium computer, it my be worth mentioning to Bay the sales guy.

Thgey also offer a student edition which is a full Ver 10 Professional with training CDs for $89.95. Might be a nice gift for your son or daughter of grand child who plans to attend engineering school. Who knows maybe you are planning to take a night course yourself.

look at the web site www.turbocad.com for the above deals.

Neal Nicholson
05-19-2004, 04:06 PM

Thank you for the information.